Tips To Shift Safely During COVID19

June 28, 2022 - admin

Though people were caved to their houses during the lockdowns since last year, there were also many people who got the chance to take up better opportunities or prospects. Though they shifted their base during the COVID19 times, they realized that it was not as simple a task as some time before. They came to terms with the fact that planning a move during these testing times can lead to dangerous outcomes as well. Thus, to make a swift move, one needs to hire professional services of trusted packers and movers

The packing and moving industry is one of the growing business sectors that suffered a sudden break due to the lockdown. Social distancing norms made led to the halt of operations of the packers and movers companies for some time, but now with enhanced safety norms and guidelines, they are making a steady comeback. The packers and movers companies are incorporating stringent measures to ensure the safety of their customers and their stuff. But, still, there are certain actions that are required from the customers’ end as well to ensure a safe experience. Let’s see at some of those tips.

● Selection Of Right Movers & Packers: This is a crucial step to be taken at the very start to make sure that the complete experience is a safe and secure one. Ask the chosen packers and movers about the safety protocols that will be following during these times. As this is a time of crisis, ask the company for any customised package they will be provided to you.  Ask For Virtual Moving Quotes: In these times of pandemic, everything can be easily managed online. Many renowned companies manage the initial negotiations virtually with the prospective customers instead of going for the pre-home survey. These virtual surveys are an alternative to the in-person pre-move survey of packers and movers designed as per the norms of social distancing.

● Sanitization: This is a crucial step that had added up in the list of hassle-free and safe shifting. Make sure the movers and packers are cleaning and disinfecting the stuff before and after the shifting process. And you must also disinfect the new house soon after your moving professionals deliver the goods and after you have settled in.

● Make Sure Of The Lockdown Rules: Various states and cities are following different lockdown rules in India, as per the active cases and COVID19 situation. So, if you are shifting interstate or intrastate, you and your moving professionals must be aware of all the rules. You can check this information on the website of the state government, state policy and municipality.

● Maintain Social Distancing Norms: Safety is the most important and essential clause in these times, and it also lies in your own hands. You must always keep disinfectants and sanitizers handy with you during the time of packing and moving. Ensure to maintain a 6- feet distance from the movers and packers when they are moving your household items. Also, avoid keeping children and pets in the house when professionals are at work.

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